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Buyer’s Home Inspection Services

Inspection Connection’s residential home inspections adhere to ASHI’s strict Standards of Practice and include assessing the following aspects of your property when visible and safe to access:

  • Grounds and site drainage
  • Exterior, siding, and attachments
  • Roof, flashing, and trim
  • Foundation, basement, and crawlspace
  • Structural systems
  • Attic
  • Insulation and ventilation
  • Interior living areas, such as kitchen, bathrooms, bedrooms, and utility areas
  • Doors and windows
  • Heating and ventilation
  • Fireplaces and wood stoves
  • Plumbing systems
  • Electrical systems
  • Built-in appliances
  • Water heater
  • Garage and carport

We perform our Complete Home Inspection on single-family homes, multi-family properties, and log homes.

Seller’s Inspection 

Homeowners who are listing their properties for sale can greatly benefit from a seller’s Pre-Listing home inspection. Having a house inspected before it gets put on the market gives the seller the opportunity to make necessary repairs ahead of time. This makes the home more appealing to potential buyers and can help the selling process move quickly and easily.

Thermal Imaging

Inspection Connection incorporates the very best technology in each of our home inspections. We use a state of the art thermal imaging camera in all of our residential inspections. This high-tech camera includes an accurate and precise pin-type moisture-detector. Thermal imaging uses infrared technology to see areas of moisture intrusion and heat loss not visible through conventional inspection methods. Our thermal imaging camera is equipped with a precise pin-type moisture and surface tester that accurately detects the level of moisture in your home. This technology is included for free in every home inspection. 

infrared thermal imaging

Detailed Home Inspection Checklist

Our inspector uses a detailed checklist which includes a minimum of 114 individual items across all of the areas mentioned above. The home inspector will make notes on this checklist of any defects or other issues that he sees during the inspection. Each defect that gets noted will be photographed and categorized into one of the following three areas:


Health and safety

Defects in this category pose an unreasonable risk to the health and/or safety of people on the grounds or in the home.


Material defects

The defects listed in this category should be evaluated by a professional. The correction of these defects may come at a significant cost to the homebuyer or seller.


Repair and maintenance

Defects in this category should be either repaired or upgraded and will come at a minimal to moderate cost to the homebuyer or seller. The inspector will describe each required repair in detail, including the negative effects the defect can have on the property and any recommendations for repair.

An Easy-to-Understand Inspection Summary

Within 24 hours of your home inspection, you’ll receive a digital report that is thorough and well-explained. You can easily access your report from a computer, tablet, or smartphone. In this summary, each defect found in the home and on the grounds is itemized and conveniently organized for the purpose of review. Your inspection report can be shared and discussed with the home seller and realtor.  Each summary report includes the checklist used by our inspector along with captioned photographs, making each defect easier to see and understand for the homebuyer. Take a look at our sample reports for more information on what you can expect!

An Interactive Create Request List™ (CRL) Tool

Included in your report is a tool unique to HomeGauge software called Create Request List (CRL). From within the inspection report, the buyer, agent, or seller can indicate how any issues found during the inspection process should be resolved. This eases communications across the board and keeps everyone on the same page through negotiations.

Only the Best Customer Service 

At Inspection Connection, we never rush through our inspections. We take the time needed to perform an in-depth, thorough inspection of your residential property, and we wouldn’t have it any other way. We are dedicated to building relationships with our customers that extend beyond the initial inspection, and even once the inspection is over, we are available for questions. Our detailed checklists and summaries protect customers from the omission of important information, and we provide our best advice based on our comprehensive findings.

If you’re in Anchorage or the Mat-Su Valley area and want a home inspection performed by an inspector you can trust, contact Inspection Connection LLC today!

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